Aah! We know how it feels when you want to enjoy your favorite beverage or food item, but your tooth sensitivity ruins that perfect moment. Tooth sensitivity occurs when the enamel of the tooth degrades. It usually happens with age, but it might be for various reasons if you experience it otherwise. Although tooth sensitivity can be treated (reduced), the lost enamel cannot be recovered completely.

Reasons for tooth sensitivity 

Yes, as mentioned above, there can be plenty of reasons for tooth sensitivity. Some of which are as follows:


  • Harsh use of toothbrushes on the teeth. If you use a hard bristle toothbrush, switch it with an extra soft bristle one.
  • Regular consumption of acidic beverages. Acidic drinks work as a catalyst in the degradation of the tooth enamel.
  • Grinding of teeth might also lead to wear and tear of the tooth surface.
  • Regular bleaching of teeth.
  • Receding gums or gum diseases.


Trust yourself and look out for the right reason behind the issue. It might require a little change in oral hygiene routine or a simple dental visit to treat this annoying problem.

Treatment for tooth sensitivity

After knowing the reason behind the issue, it becomes easier to tackle it. Self-examine the reason and opt for the most appropriate treatment to get rid of tooth sensitivity.


  • Toothpaste for sensitive teeth-A pool of options is available for you to choose from. There are special kinds of toothpaste made to diminish the sensitivity.
  • Fluoride gel- Fluoride is a crucial mineral our teeth needs. Lack of fluoride can cause a lot of tooth problems. Make sure you opt for dental products that have fluoride added to them.
  • Fillings that cover exposed roots- If you have fillings in your teeth and they have been undone due to some reason, repairing them might prove to be helpful.
  • Sealants-It is a thin protective layer to block out any harmful germs. It would ensure that you no longer face tooth sensitivity.
  • Desensitizing pastes- If not able to select anything, you can opt for a prescribed paste/treatment from your dentist.
  • Mouthguard-To avoid wear and tear from grinding, you must apply for a customized mouthguard.


We hope you now know how to treat your tooth sensitivity. Follow the treatment mentioned above and notice the positive outcomes within a couple of days!

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