During your first dental cleaning, you would be taught how to clean your teeth. Your attending dentist will give you pointers on what you have to do to keep your teeth clean and healthy, especially on flossing.

Even though they would give directions on how to floss and how many times to floss, they don’t tell you exactly what kind of floss you should use according to your teeth structure.

Here are the different kinds of floss:

Unwaxed Floss

Unwaxed floss is the most common kind of floss used and readily available in the market. This floss is made of nylon strands that are then twisted together. It contains no artificial flavors and is chemical-free. So this kind of floss is perfect for those with small gaps between the teeth since it is thinner than other flosses. But since it’s thinner, it tends to break and shred more easily.

Waxed Floss

Waxed floss is like unwaxed floss with a waxed layer over the floss. The waxed coating makes the floss a bit stronger so that it won’t break or shred. This waxed layer is smooth, making it glide easily through the gaps. Since it is a bit thicker, it is more suitable for a wider gap. Also, its smooth texture makes it difficult to hold while you floss.

Polytetrafluorethylene Floss or PTFE

Polytetrafluorethylene floss is made with material similar to the Gore-Tex fabric. It is firm and durable, and its smoothness makes it slide easily through the gaps between the teeth.
Even though it comes with significant advantages, it’s not recommended by many dentists. PTFE’s primary components are carcinogens, and the perfluorooctanoic acid in it is harmful to our immune system.

Super Floss

Super floss is designed for those who have braces, bridges, and wider gaps between the teeth. The super floss is made with a piece of regular floss, a thick spongy floss, and a stiff end threader. The threader can glide between the bridges and dental fixtures and give a thorough cleansing. Since it’s thicker, those with thinner gaps cannot use this floss.

With these different kinds of floss, the primary factor for choosing is your teeth structure. Whichever you choose, make sure to floss once every day with the floss suitable for your teeth.

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