You might be often asked by your dentists this question, “are you flossing daily?”. This is because we all are supposed to do it. However, in data released recently, it said that 50.5% of Americans floss every day, while 18.5% never do.

Is it necessary to floss?

Yes, of course, and look at the following reasons to know why:

1. Cleans Places Your Toothbrush Can’t Reach

Bacteria that build up between your teeth can cause a lot of damage to your teeth. Bacteria that are not between your teeth are usually washed off by the tongue, while other foods are removed by the saliva. But with the help of flossing, you can remove the food, bacteria, and plaque stuck between teeth. But if you skip flossing, the plaque build-up will start feeding on the enamel of your teeth, leading to cavities and gum disease.

2. No More Bleeding Gums

Many people give reasons that their gums bleed when they floss. But when you don’t floss or stop flossing due to bleeding gums, then it is the opposite; instead of doing good, you make it worse. When you brush or floss daily, your gums will gradually stop bleeding in a few weeks. If they don’t, then you should visit your dentist, and they will tell you the right way to floss and also look for any symptoms of gum disease.

3. Keep Gum Disease Away

According to recent findings of CDC, 64.7 million Americans aged 30 and over suffer from mild, moderate, or severe periodontal disease. If this condition is left untreated, periodontal disease can worsen over time, leading to tooth loss. By flossing daily, you can remove the food particles, and debris stuck between your teeth and gums.

4. Could Be Your Life Savior

There are studies that prove that there is gum disease and heart disease, diabetes, and even dementia are linked with each other. People suffering from gum disease are almost twice more likely to have heart disease. With the habit of flossing, you might even be able to prevent other serious health issues.

5. Help Improve Your Dental Health

Sticking to routine flossing can bring a lot of quick differences in your dental health. Having the habit of flossing before bedtime will typically start showing its benefits.

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