Dental anxiety or dental phobia is something very common. It is said that about 22% of Americans avoid their dental visits due to this. But your fear shouldn’t stop you from seeing a dentist. So, IV dental sedation can help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

IV Dental Sedation

IV or Intravenous sedation is an intravenous anti-anxiety drug used during your dental treatment. Unlike general sedation, this conscious sedative just helps you feel more relaxed during the process.

Benefits of IV Sedation

Here are some benefits that IV sedation offers:

Balanced Awareness

IV sedation neither keeps you fully conscious nor makes you fully unconscious during the process.  Though you won’t be completely aware, you can still respond to the commands of your dentist. While they do their work, you won’t feel any discomfort or pain. IV sedation is more suitable for those who need stronger sedation than nitrous oxide.

Faster Effect

IV sedation gives you quick relief from your anxiety. As the anti-anxiety drug goes directly into your bloodstream, it works faster than oral sedation. So, you need not wait long for its effect to start.

Easily Adjustable Dosages

With IV sedation, it’s easier for your dentist to adjust the dosage as required. It ensures that you get the right amount needed to ease your anxiety. In case you require a stronger dosage, they can adjust it accordingly.

You Won’t Recall the Specifics

IV sedation helps you not remember anything specific about the dental procedure. When you don’t remember the details, you won’t feel unpleasant about your future dental visits.

Risks of IV Dental Sedation

Though it is considered safe for most patients, you must be aware of the risks. Here are some things to consider before taking IV sedation.

Respiratory Distress

With IV sedation, some patients may experience some kind of respiratory problems. So it’s better to discuss it with your dentist in advance.

Issue of Oversedation

Oversedation can be a great problem, though it is less likely to occur. It’s better to consult an experienced dentist to reduce the risk. The dentists usually take extra care to adjust the dosage to avoid such mishaps.

Longer Recovery Time

Sometimes it can take hours to recover from its effect. So, it’s better to have someone with you for the procedure.


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