When it comes to our physical health, all of us give utmost importance. We give importance to everything right from the food that we intake to the physical exercise that we indulge in. We don’t take any chance of staying unfit and unhealthy. But when it comes to dental health, it is seen that most people don’t give much importance, and as a result, they end up being in a massive crisis. It is a sheer habit that people worldwide have cultivated only to visit their dentist during an emergency.

In the case of a severe dental emergency, it is important to know whom to contact and what will be an immediate action to curb the injury. Here, let us discuss some of the facts of what to do during a dental emergency.

  • Loss of Permanent tooth 

One can encounter a severe accident that might result in massive injury, including the permanent loss of the tooth. In a situation like this, stay calm, find the broken tooth, and touch only the tooth’s crown part. Once you hold it, place it back into the socket, and you might also need to hold the tooth in its necessary place. If you can’t hold the tooth at its place, make sure that you put it in the glass of fresh milk to preserve it and call the dentist immediately without further delay.

  • Toothache 

Toothache can be excruciating, and in some cases, it might even be the reason for the worst nightmare. Tooth pain indicates an abscess or presence of infection in the mouth. Rinse out the mouth with warm salt water to clean it. To make it even more comfortable, you can also apply cold press on the cheek area if you notice swelling. If you cannot bear the pain then, contact your dentist immediately.

  • Mouth Injury 

Some other mouth injuries demand the doctor’s immediate intervention and need to be treated without any delay. If an impact results in a jaw injury, then the jawline might appear distorted. In these situations, try and keep the injured person’s face as straight as possible and get emergency assistance immediately.

It is important to note that, during any kind of dental emergency, stay as calm as possible and follow the steps mentioned above. 

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